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Walk and Train


30 Min: $49| 60 Min: $89

3 Pack: $140 | 3 Pack: $254

5 Pack: $233 | 5 Pack $423


Walk and Trains are specifically used for correcting leash manners or reactivity on leash.  These sessions are TRAINER AND DOG ONLY.  The goal is for the trainer to focus on quickly correcting unwanted behavior.

We work on leash manners (not pulling, checking in with handler, keeping arousal levels low, heel and stopping at crosswalks)

We work on behavior modifications (leash reactivity, over arousal, desensitization to surroundings)

***It is much easier for the handler to solely focus on your dog when no-one else is around. We have to set the dog up for success and that means knowing what is coming before the dog knows and watching for any behavior changes during the walk. These sorts of things can be missed when the trainer is also trying to explain what is going on and how to correct it at the same time.


Both cover leash manners and reactivity. Private lessons include you in the training process!  Your trainer shows you what to do and then guides you as you take over in the lesson.  Walk and Trains are sans owner. They are intensive training sessions, solely focused on your dog’s behavior while on leash. They often produce quicker results for leash related issues.



Please keep in mind that this is a small business and I rely on my clients to uphold their end of the agreement. Dedication to your dog and trainer is important for the training to work. If you are showing lack of care or dedication, I may choose to terminate all training.


Cancellations/Rescheduling must be greater than 24 hours prior to your session. You will be refunded 50% of the session price for any requests less than 24 hours prior to the session. No more than 2 cancellations per package will be allowed. If there are more than two cancellations, it can result in termination of training with a 50% refund of the remaining sessions in the package.


All packages must be used within 6 months of the package purchase. There is no refund for unused sessions.

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